Filtering Out Filter Words

Very brilliant. Something I haven’t considered at all, and will have to look into as I write The Jump.

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I’m currently trudging through the first draft of my second novel, an experience made horribly stressful by my self-imposed one-month deadline. (Just over two weeks to go! Eek!) I’m already way behind schedule after spending the first four days completely ignoring all the advice I gave myself in my previous post on first drafts, but I’ve just about got the hang of it now.

The trick is to keep writing, to keep pushing forward – by any means necessary.

My first draft is really terrible so far. I’ve avoided all attempts at metaphors, I ‘tell’ rather than ‘show’, and my humorous novel is currently lacking anything close to a joke. But the words are coming – and with a first draft, that’s all you need. The clever stuff comes later.

In terms of helping to get words on the page, one particular cardinal sin of writing has helped me the…

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Writing Update – 5/24/2015

Hello reader people. I just wanted to drop a quick update to let everyone know what I’m doing. Unfortunately due to my work schedule, no work has been done on my novella. However, I am currently working on several short stories which are necessary to prioritise due to the time-sensitive nature of magazine submission periods and contest deadlines. I wish I could do both, but my time is so limited with my current occupation that I can only devote a very small fraction of my time to writing.

I have, however, made some decent progress on the first chapter of my short story for Inkitt’s ongoing science/fantasy contest. I hope to make an entry in the next day or two. For now, here’s a short excerpt from what I’ve just written.


Just a quick thanks to all the new readers and followers.

Just wanted to drop a quick thank you to everyone that’s followed this blog over the past few days. Every follow and like means the world to me. It is absolutely monumental to know people are reading what I right. Honestly, it means the world to me. Please don’t be afraid to drop any feedback at all in the comments section if you’d like. And if you really like my posts, don’t be afraid to share them! As an aspiring and independent writer, nothing means more to me than exposure. Thanks to you all. I hope this blog will continue to be something worth following for you.

Right now, I’m working on movie reviews for Ex Machina and Mad Max: Fury Road in addition to a lot of other short story work and of course, my eBook, The Jump. If you want to read more about that, you can see my previous post here and check out and an extended excerpt as well. Right now, that’s a whole lot to consume at once, and my work moves at a glacial pace because I am forced to squeeze in writing time between 9-10 shifts in retail. So right now, I’m just gonna do my best.

Unfriended Review: The Blair Witch Project for the 21st Century

Unfriended 3

I went into Unfriended after watching It Follows (my review for which can be read here) the week prior expecting absolute trash. What I ended up with was something that was better than I expected, but not as bad as I hoped. It’s a pretty short movie – less than 90 minutes – out of necessity. If it were longer, it would have overstayed its welcome. The plot revolves around a cast of characters in a Skype chat haunted by an evil spirit that forces them to confess their sins. If that sounds like your kind of shindig, then you’re probably a millennial.

As the title says, I think of this as this century’s The Blair Witch Project, except perhaps not matching in quality or originality. It does try to do something somewhat unique, and I will commend it for that. It’s essentially an evolution of the found footage genre, perfectly tailored for this generation.

Spoilers after the jump.


Update #10 on my Upcoming eBook, The Jump

In case any of you are confused, I’ve been doing these updates semi-regularly on my Tumblr blog. From now on, I will be publishing all updates here after every writing session, with each post chronicling my progress through the book and how far along it is. I will also occasionally provide snippets from the draft itself. Go here for the last update; the rest can be seen under the “The Jump” tag. Check out this blog post for an extended except from chapter three of the novella.

I’ve been kept so busy with work (and one trip to a convention on the other side of the country) that I’ve had little time or energy to really write. I’ve been able to crank out some short stories based on a few excellent writing prompts however, which has been my little way of easing back into the craft after being away from so long. Today I finally dove back into the eBook, but rather than let my time away from it act as a deterrence to my writing, I decided I’d turn a negative into a positive. Being away for so long means that you have to slowly re-adjust to writing fiction and the result can be a bit clumsy sometimes.

I wanted to use my two weeks away from writing to my advantage, so I used this as an opportunity to edit rather than simply write. I went it and started with the prologue (which may or may not make it into the final release) which has been cut down significantly. This means more original content and less from the original short story upon which this novella is based. I also went through the rest of the story thus far – all 20,000+ words of it – and made those very necessary line-by-line edits for any typos and additional spaces. Most of all however, I kept an eye out for awkward wording and sentences that stuck out. I hope to get back into writing proper sometimes tonight or tomorrow, depending on how things work out.

In terms of word count, I actually almost regressed quite a bit (before I started adding new chapters), but I think I’m coming to realise that word count doesn’t always equate to progress. Sometimes the most meaningful changes to a story you can make are the cuts, not the additions. Your readers may not realise it when they read the book, but you’ll do them a service by trimming the fat.

So that’s what I’m struggling to do now: learning to say more with less. Especially less adverbs.

Current total word count: 21,058

Killing the Chosen One

The elderly master of the arcane scoured the battlefield tirelessly until at last, he had found him: the Chosen One. But the chosen hero of legend was not standing victorious over a mountain of orcish corpses. He was not standing at all. Instead, his body had fallen in a sad slump in the midst of the carnage amongst the others who had fallen in the raid. Cantor the Wise was stunned.

It came so suddenly that they scarcely had time to prepare. The great sorcerer Cantor had been a mentor to him for five years, and suddenly all of his work had been undone.


The Shapeshifter’s True Self

Ciera’s great. An all around great girl, really. When she chooses to be. Not that she ever chooses not to be great. I mean to say that she sometimes chooses to not be a girl.

No, no, no. She isn’t genderfluid or transexual or anything like that. At least, I don’t think. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m just not sure what terminology applies to shapeshifters. Usually, Ciera takes the form of a girl. I certainly prefer that form, because I’m not the type who enjoys getting it on with cats or dogs or other men. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! It’s just not my thing. Now I know that might make me sound kind of picky, but I’m really not! I really do enjoy the myriad shapes and sizes of Ciera the Shapeshifter. Sometimes she’s a bit heavier set. Sometimes she’s just a little curvy. Other times she’s as thin as a supermodel. Occasionally she’s muscular and intimidating. She doesn’t seem to enjoy that form very much, but I get a real kick out of it! And sometimes she’s of average height and build, but with a pair of cat ears. She likes those. Don’t ask me why.

Most of the time, when we’re not doing the do or getting in the mood to do the do, she takes the form of a household dog. I have to say, it really creeps me out. She insists that I treat her as a dog whilst in dog form, but it weirds me out, to be honest. I want to, but giving commands to a powerful shapeshifter like that? I’d really rather not. Sometimes I’ll pet her, though.

About a month ago, she and I were sitting on the couch. She had, as per usual, transmogrified into a canine and nestled her head in my lap as we binge watched random shows on Netflix. Pretty typical Saturday afternoon. There was a sad look in her adorable puppy dog eyes, but I shrugged it off as it just being a dog thing. It was a seemingly pleasant day, but something had been eating at me for a long time. So I decided to try my luck with a question I had pressed a few times before.