Heavy Rain Review: Possibly the Worst of the Narrative-Driven Games

Seriously, it’s like The Room of videogames. But less entertaining.


Update #13 on my Upcoming eBook, Apocryphal Son – Now Novel Length!

Work on the eBook is coming along well. What started as a long short-story is starting to feel like it’s truly expanded into a novel. Previously, the story was going to start in the middle of the action, with the characters embarking on a suicide mission. Now that I’ve decided to start the story much farther back, I have the opportunity to explore the characters further and widen their arc as their motivations and desires become clearer. The story now starts in a slightly more subdued fashion, building up as the protagonist and his friends find themselves involved with a galactic conspiracy. This will hopefully make the later action more satisfying.

In addition, I’ve been working on being as descriptive as possible. Not just of the scenery though, but the setting. I want to bring the universe to life with a variety of locales each with their own unique culture and flair. It’s still primarily “military sci-fi” as far as genre classification goes, but now it’s more of an adventure as well. Here’s a short excerpt from one of the chapters. I wrote since I started expanding the scope of the novel.


Update #12 on my Upcoming eBook, Apocryphal Son

Sorry about the lack of updates as of late. I’ve been trying my best to put my nose against the grindstone, but it’s sadly still something I can only really do on the side. As the title of this update denotes, I’ve changed the title. Since the length and scope of the story has changed from the original intent, I felt the old title didn’t really work anymore. The novel shall be henceforth referred to as its final name, Apocryphal Son.


An Amoeba Attacks

Author’s note: This story is based on the following writing prompt from A Jumble of Words: executive, amoeba, running, quietly, swift.

The amoeba assassin oozed through the door and crept past the security detail stationed at the first door, as it had done on countless missions past. But this mission was different from the others. It would be the most important job of its career, and regardless of the outcome, it would certainly be its last.

When you’re an Amoeboid, oozing is what you do. Walls are not the deterrent they are to humans and other solid organisms; they are pretty decorations easily circumvented through the tiniest crack. This ease of passage through otherwise impassable crevices is one of many reasons many of their kind turn to this kind of work. Many in the galaxies would – in a manner almost considered racist – attribute this to a corrupt, debased culture. But the Amoeboids do not see it this way. Pragmatically speaking, it would be foolish to squander such natural talents on anything but stealth infiltration and assassination.


An updated excerpt from my novella in progress, The Jump. (10/6/2015)

The following is taken from my novella in progress, The Jump. I’ve recently been able to begin working on it once more, so here’s what I have so far, from what is currently the end of chapter two and the entirety of chapter three (actually three and four if you count the recently-written prologue, but the fate of that chapter is still ambiguous). If you have any criticisms of any kind, please share them, I’d love to hear them so I can improve my work. I’m hoping to self-publish it as an eBook later this year if all goes well.

The cover for my eBook, drawn by the talented Mathias Gabriel.
The cover for my eBook, drawn by Mathias Gabriel.


Queen of the Clouds

When the Queen returned, she did so golden and triumphant. From beyond the horizon, he could see it: the billowy and majestic force of nature known as the Nimbus. It announced its arrival to the land with a commanding thunderclap and a powerful flash of lightning from the heavens. The young man known as the Ribbon Boy looked upon it with a selfish gaze. He was the only one daring and foolhardy enough to climb the smooth pillars of Highrock Mountain, the peak of which gave put him level with the incoming ethereal skyship.

In appearance, it was an ordinary vessel no different in shape as the ones sailed at sea, save for the fact that it was made entirely of clouds and was soaring in the sky. Onboard, the Queen of his country had the helm and acted as captain to the country’s finest men. Two weeks ago, they departed as the citizens of the capital watched them disappear beyond the horizon in awe. There was a war on, and to quell the uprising in the east, she selected the strongest soldiers of the army and personally saw to it that peace would be returned to the region. The army itself hadn’t been mobilised in years; there was no need, not so long as the queen herself and her mighty ship made from clouds could sail the skies so effortlessly.