Update #11 on my Upcoming eBook, The Jump

Hey potential readers, I just wanted to drop a quick update now that I’m hopefully back to writing the eBook regularly. There’s been a lot going on and I’ve found myself stuck between several projects, which you can read about in my previous post. There’s a lot of short story work I want to get done, and I currently have a draft for a novelette of nearly 10,000 words done, so hopefully I can get that edited and cover art’d in the future, when I have some more money. However, the only thing I’m focusing on publishing right now is The Jump.

Mainly though, what’s holding me back is wanting to write multiple stories at once. I have a couple good ideas I think, and entering contests like the two being held on Inkitt are a great way to expand my literary horizons and get my work out to people. I do want to just sit down and write the hell out of the eBook, but right now the biggest, most important thing in the world for me to have right now is exposure, and without that, the book may just end up being written for nothing.

Anyway, I promised an excerpt last time, so here’s the newly butchered prologue. I’m kinda iffy on some parts and I kinda like some others, so if anyone wants to give some feedback, I’d love to hear it.

“Stars have aligned… all systems green. Jump drive is online, all hands on deck!”

The crew of the rogue starship snapped into their positions. When the captain spoke, it was as if those under his command were parts of his own body, moving according to his will without second thought. They were fiercely loyal and prepared to die for the cause. Such preparation would be vital, given the stakes and more importantly, the odds. They’d all been branded as traitors by the federation and as such, none of them had any illusion of coming home. Their leader took with him only the most dedicated soldiers amongst his pool of separatists for this run. He made sure everyone onboard that ship wasn’t just willing, but ready to die.

Now they face their former allies as a common enemy. Not just any enemy, either. They will be trying their might against the unfathomable strength of the federation. It may just be possible. It’s not just very plausible. Every step of the journey, they had assumed the worst was behind them. And each time, they were wrong, and they knew it. Now, it was time for the most trying ordeal of all. They had lost so much already, but they were ready to lose much, much more. But such was the cost of completing their mission.

With the galaxy’s greatest feet drawing targets on their back, they have one hope of making it home alive. They’ll have to jump for it.

Current total word count: 21,029


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