Writing Update – 6/21/2015

Just a quick head’s up on what’s what. More than anything, I wanted to apologise for not being active in the past few days. I’ve been rather busy with work and other things, and I’ve been going through a lot that’s made writing difficult to do. But I’m getting back on track.

I just finished a short character analysis, which you can read here. I am currently writing the next chapter of my Skyrim Let’s Play series, which you can read right here! The rest of the series can be found here on my Imgur page for now. Next up is finishing two short stories on inkitt. Expect to see updates on my Twitter (@KennethAugustus) once those are done. You can see most of the first story here. The final two chapters are still in progress.

After that, I have several stories to write, but most of all I intend to sit down and make good progress on my science-fiction novella, The Jump tomorrow. I’m off work for a few days, so I intend to use that time to… work more. On writing. In the meantime, here’s an alternate cover of my forthcoming eBook. This version has glowing text. Pretty cool, but not what I was going for in the end.

Cover artist: Mathias Gabriel
Cover artist: Mathias Gabriel

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