Writing Update – 5/24/2015

Hello reader people. I just wanted to drop a quick update to let everyone know what I’m doing. Unfortunately due to my work schedule, no work has been done on my novella. However, I am currently working on several short stories which are necessary to prioritise due to the time-sensitive nature of magazine submission periods and contest deadlines. I wish I could do both, but my time is so limited with my current occupation that I can only devote a very small fraction of my time to writing.

I have, however, made some decent progress on the first chapter of my short story for Inkitt’s ongoing science/fantasy contest. I hope to make an entry in the next day or two. For now, here’s a short excerpt from what I’ve just written.

OA-01 walked past the eleven others all lined up on the left-hand side of or necessarily-cramped main chamber. This area of the ship was little more than a narrow passageway comprised of several niches for time dilation on a computer terminal with a myriad of monitors surrounding the three walls at the front end of the room. He sat down in the iron chair situated in the centre of these screens and began to analyse all data relevant to our situation.

At the time, I noted the peculiarity of the chair. In particular, I found it peculiar that we were assigned chairs aboard our ship at all when they are not needed for lifeforms such as us. That isn’t to say I haven’t seen seating before; Many years prior to undertaking this mission, I sat in the old wooden pews of the local church. But that was many years ago, prior to my re-programming.


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