Just a quick thanks to all the new readers and followers.

Just wanted to drop a quick thank you to everyone that’s followed this blog over the past few days. Every follow and like means the world to me. It is absolutely monumental to know people are reading what I right. Honestly, it means the world to me. Please don’t be afraid to drop any feedback at all in the comments section if you’d like. And if you really like my posts, don’t be afraid to share them! As an aspiring and independent writer, nothing means more to me than exposure. Thanks to you all. I hope this blog will continue to be something worth following for you.

Right now, I’m working on movie reviews for Ex Machina and Mad Max: Fury Road in addition to a lot of other short story work and of course, my eBook, The Jump. If you want to read more about that, you can see my previous post here and check out and an extended excerpt as well. Right now, that’s a whole lot to consume at once, and my work moves at a glacial pace because I am forced to squeeze in writing time between 9-10 shifts in retail. So right now, I’m just gonna do my best.


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